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Vachikam was established by Ketki Parikh in 1995 to bring greater awareness and appreciation of the Indian performing arts and culture to audiences in the United States and Canada. Since then, Vachikam has developed the reputation of a premier promoter of Indian theatre and performing arts among audiences and artists alike.

Vachikam is committed to presenting the most accomplished artists in high-caliber drama, dance, and musical performances. We strive to present audiences with experiences that showcase the richness of Indian culture and inspire the human spirit.

As a national and local promoter, Vachikam showcases the rich and diverse mosaic of Indian theatre by promoting accomplished artists in high-caliber drama, dance, and musical performances. Vachikam also draws upon its extensive network of artists to orchestrate special social occasions for the Indian-American community.

Please visit our Archive to learn more about Vachikam's past events.


Our Name

Vachikam, a Sanskrit word, means language and speech. This name is found in the shloka of Poorva Rangam, the shloka which is recited before the beginning of a performance.

Vachikam also means "song or poetry". Song and poetry are much alike in Indian culture as poetry is chanted in a songlike manner, and songs are not necessarily rhythmical.

You, whose limbs are the Universe,
You, the Originator of all speech,
You, whose adornments are the moon and stars,
You are The Truth.


We bow to Him the benevolent One
Whose limbs are the world,
Whose song and poetry are the essence of all language,
Whose costume is the moon and the stars.


About Ketki Parikh
Founder and President of Vachikam

Ever since her childhood, Ketki Parikh has had a keen interest in all forms of performing arts. While her first passion was theatre, she also had notable experiences in radio, television, dance, and poetry. At 14, Ketki was accepted as a student at the prestigious Darpana Academy in Ahmedabad. There, she became intimately engaged in both the performance and theories of artistic expression through dance and drama.

After moving to the United States, Ketki found herself longing for the enriching cultural experiences as well as the special social occasions she had experienced at the theatre in India. In 1995, Ketki founded Vachikam with the goal of sharing these experiences with her friends and the greater Indian community in America.

During the past decade, Vachikam has met this goal and gone beyond to provide many enriching experiences for audiences across the United States and Canada. By promoting performances of the highest quality, Vachikam has benefited from the loyalty of audiences, artists, and local promoters alike.   It is this loyalty that has and will continue to define the success of Vachikam.

Ketki is also a strong and active supporter of the Indian community. She serves as a board member of Apna Ghar, a domestic violence shelter in Chicago serving primarily Asian women and children . She also donates her expertise and time to plan fundraising events for other non-profit organizations, most notably India Development Service.

Ketki is  the co-founder and director of Chicago South Asian Film Festival (www.csaff.org), which was founded in 2010.

Ketki and her husband, Tushar Parikh, are the parents of two sons, Pankit and Kunal.


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